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Question: What does it mean - I can only have 8 people staying at the rental home?

Answer: Only 8 people over the age of 16 are allowed in the rental home at any one time.  There is no limit on children 13 and under. If you have 8 people on your rental list no other people will be allowed to come in.  Only the people on the list will be allowed thru the gate.

Question: In addition to the rent what other fees do I have to pay?

Answer: There is a 10% county bed tax and a $500 refundable security deposit.  In addition, there is a $125 per week (or $25 per day) boat fee per watercraft paid by cash or check to the Oak Shores gate when you check in. There is also a $6 per day fee owed to Monterey County which can be paid by cash or check at the silent ranger located in our marina.

Question: Why do I have to buy two boat permits?

Answer: One is for the Oak Shores Community Association ($125 per week) and one is for Monterey County Parks ($6 per day).

Question: What time can I check in? Can I check in early?

Answer: Check in time is 4:00 p.m. This allows enough time to prepare the home after the previous guests have departed. If you come earlier you may have to wait.

Question: Can I rent just for a weekend?

Answer: Between Memorial Day and Labor Day rental periods are weekly, check-in day being either Friday or Saturday, depending on the home. Three night rentals are allowed the remainder of the year and check in day can be flexible.

Question: We have two families staying at our rental home. Can we bring 2 boats?

Answer: No.  Only one trailer will be allowed thru the gate per rental house.  The only way you can bring in more than one watercraft is if they are all on the same trailer. The $125 gate fee would then apply to each watercraft.

Question: If we arrive after the Oak Shores gate is closed how do we get our keys?

Answer: Arrangements will be made before you arrive.

Question: Are there any grocery stores nearby?

Answer:  There is a new market, Oak Hills Market, located between Heritage Ranch and Oak Shores on the main lake road.  They have a meat and deli counter, competitive prices and a large selection of fresh produce, wines and food staples.  There is also a gas station with prices comparable to town.

Question: Do I have to take my boat out of the water every evening?

Answer: There are courtesy slips (first come, first served) available for your use but no overnight truck or trailer parking is allowed in the Oak Shores marina area or West Ramp. On weekends and holidays during the summer season, only OWNERS are allowed to park in the two main parking lots in front of the club house. Renters must use the parking lot behind and below the clubhouse on weekends and holidays. Renters may use any lot Monday-Friday except  holidays. There is no renter parking restrictions at the West Ramp other than no overnight parking.

Question: How clean does the house have to be when I leave?

Answer: You will be responsible for bagging all trash/food in and around the house and putting it in the trash cans at the home.  Please remove ALL food from the refrigerator. Make sure dishes and utensils are washed and put away and the dishwasher is empty. Housekeeping will sanitize floors, bathrooms, and do LIGHT cleaning. Please do not move televisions, indoor or outdoor furniture, leave stains on carpets, or excessive dirt/smudges on walls and windows. You will be responsible for any extra cleaning, rearranging, rewiring, etc our housekeeping staff must do to return the house to its original condition.

Question: What do we do if something is broken or missing in the house when we arrive?

Answer: Please report anything broken, damaged, or missing to our representative right away. The homes are inspected after you check out and you could be held responsible for any damages.

Question: Will the house have a phone?

Answer:  Many rental homes are provided with a phone for local calling. Owners will make Oak Shores Rentals aware of any long distance calls made on their phones during your stay and you will be billed accordingly. Cell phone service varies according to carrier and location of the rental home..

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